Mike Nolan Fitness offers a truly personal approach to training, regardless of age, goals or current level of activity.

MNF is proud of being able to improve everyone and anyone irrespective of their starting point.



Before a client begins their training schedule, a detailed analysis of their current status will be ascertained, together with clarity of their goals and what they want to achieve.

This process includes details of their current levels of stamina, strength, stability, suppleness & a detailed nutritional breakdown.

The information gained from testing in the above areas will enable MNF to build an individual client profile that is unique to them.

Often there are muscular imbalances that need to be addressed or existing conditions and injuries that need to be managed.

MNF has both the experience and expertise to set about creating a workout schedule that not only is appropriate to you, but can also realistically and most importantly fit into your current lifestyle.

Over the past 18 years MNF has worked with the following types of clients:

Fat Loss
General Fitness & Tone
Pre/Post Natal
Professional Sportsmen & Women
Post Operative patients
MS sufferers
Body Builders
60+ Age group

MNF also offers fitness packages for certain time frames such as “Beach Body”, “Ski Season” and “wedding workout”

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